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Our Mission

When we start as a beginner we are unaware about right training methods & nutrition. This is the time a lot of beginners goes with wrong training methods due to non availability of certified trainer in gym because of which they don’t get the desired results & in the urge of desired results beginners take the wrong supplements (like steroids, Diana, Anabolics, etc.)  Which results in even worse like body pain, body marks etc.

For solving these problems we are creating our eefa platform where every level of fitness enthusiastic (beginner to advance) can get their workout program & diet plan from certified professionals at free of cost by becoming eefa members.

Our Vision

In this era technology is increasing the people’s living standard. India is also growing very fast towards digitalization & with the use of technology we are aiming to provide the experts excercises to each & every fitness enthusiastic of India. A lot of gyms in india has neither a certified trainer nor a certified nutritionist & if the members wants to be get trained by certified trainers & nutritionist they have to spend a lot of money.

So we are aiming to offer our professional services to each & every fitness enthusiastic in their budget price by collaborating with gyms, certified trainers, & certified nutritionists. With this collaboration we are aiming to become best fitness professionals and largest chain of gyms all over India.

[ What we do ]

About Us

We connect fitness enthusiastic to gyms, certified trainers, certified nutritionists to achieve their fitness goals. However when you book a gym through Eefa then you also  becomes Eefa member & you can also take your training program from our certified trainers and nutritionist at free of cost.

Fitness & health is the top priority of EEFA. So we are teamed up with the best certified professional trainers and nutritionists to provide you the personalized workout plan and diet plan to get the best results & achieve your fitness & health goals from right methods and proper nutrition.


As a beginner when we want to explore gyms we are always confused whether which gym to join. Now as a lot of gyms in India does not have a certified trainers & nutritionists. So, the gym members are misguided by their gym owner or non certified trainers. We have seen such cases where misguidance even leads to consumption of elements like Steroid in which starting might result better but after a month it goes very worst resulting in unbearable body pain, body marks etc.because such elements should never be consumed without doctor’s prescription.

So, for solving these problems we created our platform Eefa where every fitness enthusiastic, beginner to advanced level, can trust & get their training program & diet plan from certified trainers & nutritionists. In future with technology, we are aiming a lot of options for making your gym experience better & smoother. One of them is to provide you experts exercises on your device. If you had also faced such problems share your story with us. And, if you have any suggestion, then you may drop it in suggestion box (contact us). Your suggestion will be appreciated.


Explore & Book

Now you can save your time & money by easily exploring gyms near you, with us you can easily see gyms near you, gym pics to see the inner atmosphere, gym price & become a gym member. When you become a gym member through Eefa, you also become Eefa member which means you can also get the support of Eefa professionals at free of cost regarding your health & fitness queries.

Certified Trainers

A certified trainer who studies the body science, body anatomy etc. Is the one which can help you best to reach your goal. Many gyms does not have a certified trainers, they follows the same workout plan for their every member without keeping in view that every members have different goals. So with becoming an Eefa member you will be eligible to get your personalized workout plan from Eefa’s professional trainers.

Cerified Nutritionists

We believe nutrition is the key to best workout result & a certified nutritionist is the one who can help you to get the best diet plan/ meal plan as per your fitness goals. A lot of gyms does not have a certified nutritionist. They might guide you on behalf of their experience but as the same medicine can’t be beneficial for every patient same diet plan also does not gives the access to best results. So with becoming an Eefa member you will be eligible to get your personalized diet plan from professional nutritionist.


We have huge saving offers on our services & gym memberships. These exciting offers  will help you to save more on your fitness goals. These offers are in the form of coupon codes which are applied in payment process. These offers are updated time to time on our website & social pages. You can follow us on facebook & instagram  to stay connected & stay updated.

Our Team

Parvesh Dhankhar

Certified Trainer cum Nutritionist

Riya Malik

Certified Nutritionist


Certified Trainer