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Personal certified trainer live sessions

Now you can book our personal trainer for your workout. Our professional trainers are dedicated to your fitness goals & flexible in timing that suits you best.

Type of session- functional & strength training

1 Day Session- ₹500

₹399 (20% OFF)

4 Day Session- ₹2000

₹1199 (40% OFF)

1 Month Unlimited Session- ₹5000

₹2599 (48% OFF)

3 Months Unlimited Session- ₹15000

₹6999 (53% OFF)

home/gym Workout plan package

As you know a lot of gyms in India do not have a certified trainer. So now you can take the best personalized workout plan for both home/gym that is fit for you from our professional trainers.

1 Month Pack- ₹500

₹399 (20% OFF)

3 Month Pack- ₹1500

₹999 (33% OFF)

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diet plan

Diet plan package

As you are aware that certified trainers are best for your workout plan. In same manner certified nutritionist are best for your diet plan. So, now stop copying others diet plan &  get your personalized diet plan from our professional nutritionist.

1 Month Pack- ₹500

₹399 (20% OFF)

3 Month Pack- ₹1500

₹999 (33% OFF)

Personalized workout & diet combo package

This package involves both of our packages workout plan & diet plan. It provides the best results in three months because human body takes this time to show the results seen from outside. However, you can also book this plan for a month for a first step towards your fitness goals.

1 Month Pack- ₹1000

₹499 (20% OFF)

3 Month Pack- ₹3000

₹1199 (60% OFF)

workout and diet
eefa gym booking

Gyms/ Studios membership

We are collaborated with a lot of gyms & studios. Now you can explore your nearby gyms & choose the best one that fits you for your fitness goals. However, on booking a gym membership you will also be eligible to get free workout program & diet plan from our certified trainers & nutritionist.

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